Tomo means "friend". Share it with yours.
Hand crafted in small batches for the perfect texture - not too sticky and not too hard.
Taste for yourself why we have won Gold Award twice for Top Artisan Toffee.

Shipping is available October through May. Please contact us for a quote.

Free Delivery Available
FREE delivery with purchases over $30 to Dublin, San Ramon and Danville. $5 delivery charge for purchases less than $30. Additional delivery costs depending on location.
"I never really liked toffee. That is until I had Gina's Toffee. Oh my goodness!! Perfect balance of sweetness, crunchiness, and richness. I had to stop myself from eating it all in one sitting. I lied. I ate it all in one sitting." ~Linda Y., Seattle, WA
"Tomo Toffee Milk Chocolate was to me quintessential toffee made with fresh, quality ingredients." ~International Chocolate Judge
"Best. Toffee. Ever. Gina's toffee is sooo delicious! I really have to hold myself back from eating the entire bag. Beautifully packaged and very well-priced." ~Yvonne H., Irvine, CA 
"I'm eating the whole bag. Super addicting. My boys love it too." ~Sharon L., Palos Verdes, CA
"Dangerously addicting. I told myself, 'Just one piece.' The next thing I knew, I was eating a 2nd piece...then the 3rd piece, the 4th..then I lost count. I justified my toffee buffet by skipping dinner. Lol!" ~Tiffany F., Philadelphia, PA